RM 40.00 sold to aida

Product Description
  • This unique drum can teach children the alphabet and numbers through simple cause and effect tapping.
  • As children hit the drum with their hand, a letter or number appears in lights on the drum top.
  • When hit again, the next consecutive letter or number appears.
  • For each hit, the letter or number is spoken and music is played, reinforcing a child for his efforts.
  • The drum will verbally prompt a child to play. During play, the drum will remember where the child left off, so the next hit will be in order, not back at the beginning.
  • Turn off and on again to start at the beginning, if desired. This drum features four modes of play and two levels of volume.
  • 3 AA batteries required. ( not included)


noraida said...
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Rania said...


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