Fisher Price Barney Move 'n Groove Dance Mat

RM 80.00 SOLD

This terrific toy has a touch keyboard, lots of interactive games finding shapes and characters. Also large inflatable Barney character, which moves around to the music.

Barney talks and does his signature 360-degree spin.

Fun sounds or hear Barney talk by stepping on the mat's footprints and icons.

Quiz game that challenges your child to find specific footprints and a keyboard for kids to create their own tunes.

The soft Barney figure can be removed for separate play.

Mat measures approximately 42" x 22" x 21.

Requires 4 "D" alkaline batteries (not included).


Anna (KL) said...

Branded used toys yang adik jual ni mmg murah...susah nak dapat harga mcm ni kat kedai! Baby walker ada tak?

educational toys said...

yup.. ni kira half price jgk nih.... baby walker coming soon... kalau berminat bleh bgtau awal2....

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